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About ErenMckay Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials by Eren Mckay- A Fresh Beauty Choice.

The first-ever Beauty Essentials beauty hub finally had its Grand Opening last December 5 with celebrated bloggers, beauty enthusiasts,

and top makeup artists as attendees who got delighted with the freshest array of delightful beauty picks expertly chosen by Eren Mckay,a former Ms Universe beauty queen.

Being a beauty enthusiast herself, Eren wants Filipina women to enjoy lavish skin care with superb quality hard to equate by the usual beauty products on ads and shelves but

affordable enough for Filipinas to enjoy their beauty shopping spree. In her speech, Eren bubbly talked about the humble beginnings of Beauty Essentials which started with her

search for beauty lines that can give the allure and confidence to the Filipinas. Beauty Essentials store is product of the long search of Eren for the best skin care for Filipinas and now

women can get the chance to pamper themselves with luxurious skin care, naturally and gently. With Beauty Essentials, Pinays dream for fair, youthfully-glowing, and healthy skin now

comes easy. So, get your Beauty Essentials shopping bag and be the star this season


Erilene "Eren" Tumali